Monoprice 109171 Select Active Series High Speed HDMI Cable, 4K @ 24Hz, 10.2Gbps, 28AWG, CL2, 40ft, Black

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Size:40 Feet A High Speed HDMI Cable with Red Mere from Monoprice is the best way to transmit your High Speed HDMI signals over the longest distances while using the thinnest cables possible! Red Mere technology is a breakthrough in the functionality and efficiency of HDMI cables. High Speed HDMI Cables with Red Mere can reliably distribute High Speed signals to much greater distances up to 65 feet (20 meters) at the full 10.2 Gbps data throughput as opposed to the 25 foot distance for HDMI cables without Red Mere technology. This can be done with thinner and lighter cables which are easier to handle and route through your home theater system and which put less stress on your equipment’s HDMI ports. Normally a cable of this length would be incapable of supporting the full 10.2 Gbps High Speed HDMI data rate even with 22 AWG conductors. However with the Red Mere chip installed in this cable it fully supports all High Speed HDMI features with only 28 AWG conductors. Note that HDMI Cables with Red Mere are directional. One end must be connected to the source device (e.g. Blu-ray player) and the other end to the sink/display (e.g. HDTV). Hooking them up backwards will not damage anything they just won’t transmit a signal. Also note that these cables are fully compatible with switches splitters matrix devices etc. They can be used in any application in which a normal HDMI cable can be used and many applications where HDMI extenders would otherwise be required! The VW-1 rating on this cable indicates that it complies with fire safety codes and insurance requirements and is safe for use inside the walls of residential class buildings. TIP: It is a good idea to test cables and connections before installing them inside a wall.



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