Mini Spy Hidden Camera, Vaculim 1080P Portable Small HD Nanny Cam 16GB SD Card

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ChargePlug it in a computer or USB charger for 1 hour until both blue and red LED light up. Take SD card out when charging via a USB charger. If not it will keep recording.Set time stamp1. Plug the camera in a computer with SD card in. 2. Find the disk icon under My Computer in Windows, and on desktop in MAC. Click open it, create a txt file outside DCIM folder and name it TIMERSET.txt. 3. Enter current date and time following a space and a Y, e.g. 20181026120900 Y, then save the file. Enter 4 digits for year and 2 for others, no spaces between them. Do include second. 4. To remove time stamp, create a new TIMERSET.txt, replace Y with N.Record1. Hold down Power key (the part with ① on) until blue LED light up to turn on the camera. Set it into working mode once turned on, or it’ll turn off.2. Hold down Mode key (the other side of the button) for 3s or double hit it to switch between working modes: 1) Only Blue LED on: It will record in 720P2) Red & Blue LED on: It will record in 1080P3) Only Red LED on: It will take a picture3. Once you’ve chosen a working mode: 1) Hit Power key to start a video or take a picture. The LEDs that are on will flash 3 times then go out, which means the shooting process is on. Hit Power key again to stop and save the video. 2) Or, hit Mode key to turn on motion sensor. The red LED will flash 3 times then all LEDs go out, which means the camera is in motion detect mode and shooting process is on. Motion detect recording is not recommended since it’s not a professional camera. Shut down the cameraHold down the Power key for 6s until all LEDs go out.View VideoPlug the camera into your computer with the SD card in, it will work as a USB drive. Find the drive under This PC. All videos are in the DCIM folder. To have it work as an external camera on PC, find the Camera in the Start menu.



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