LensCoat lw312bk LegWrap 312 with a Velcro Closure for Camera Tripod (Black)

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Color:black LegCoat Wraps are made from soft neoprene are designed to wrap around the upper leg of your tripod and are easily affixed with a Velcro closure. The Wraps backing is designed to tightly grip to your tripod legs so they will not slide. The LegCoat Wraps act as a thermal barrier making the tripod more comfortable to handle in hot or cold conditions. The spongy soft neoprene acts as a cushion when carrying the tripod against your body without the bulk of the traditional LegCoat with extra foam padding. The Wraps also protect your tripod from nicks and scrapes and the camouflage patterns help break up it shape. LegCoat Wrap 312 is designed for tripods with the upper leg diameters from 1.25 inch- 1.4 inch (31.5mm-35.5mm) and at least 12inch (30.48cm) in length. LegCoat Wraps come in a set of 3 and are available in Black, Red, Yellow, Forest Green Camo, Digital Camo, Real tree Max4 HD, and Real tree AP Snow.



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