Lee Filters 82mm wide angle adapter ring

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LEE Filters Wide Angle 58mm Adapter Ring. The adapter ring is crucial to the LEE 100mm Filters system. It screws onto the camera’s lens and the Lee 100mm FK Foundation Kit Holder is then secured to the adapter ring with the 3 part spring loaded brass wedge. The wide angle adapter ring is suitable for use with wide angle lenses. It differs from the standard adapter ring by sitting closer to the front element of the camera’s lens, as the threads are recessed into the adapter ring so that the adapter ring slightly overlaps the lens. As a result, the likelihood of vignetting is dramatically reduced. The wide angle adapter ring could really be considered a universal adapter ring as it can be used on any lens, even if it is not a wide angle lens. PLEASE NOTE: This is not compatible with the Lee Seven 5 or SW150 Filter systems.



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