KOTSO Rangefinder Hunting Arc Range Finder Hunt H1

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Fast and continuous results The rangefinder will show you distances instantaneously as you pan over the field. This mode can be used as a fast-scan method to track moving prey or to analyze the surroundings while lying in wait. With +/-1 Yard accuracy and a range of up to 656 Yards, the precise distance is available to you at the press of a button. Know your prey, take your shot Extremely useful in the field, with this function you can track your prey easily and accurately. The rangefinder is responsive up to 186mph. The KOTSO rangefinder is extremely powerful and precise. Want to make a clean shot? Don’t just guess the distance and speed, let the KOTSO help you out. Ultra Clear Image + Adjustable Eyepiece The KOTSO rangefinder measures up to 656 Yards and features 6x magnification that gives you an ultra clear and bright image. Observe your target easily from a distance and, with the adjustable eyepiece, enjoy a perfectly focused image with or without glasses whether you are near or far-sighted. The water resistant body allows you to use it even in rain.



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