BESTON 2-Pack NP-F550 Battery Pack and USB Dual Charger Kit for Sony NP-F970 NP F550 750 F770 F960 F530 F570 F330

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Size:2×NP-F550 batteries + 1×dual charger Product Features: Large capacity of 2600mAh battery helps you shoot more photos or video. Never miss any great moment in your life. Two batteries can be charged at once. You don’t need to wait very long charging time anymore. We provide a storage case to protect camera batteries, charger and USB cable from any damage. The case is compact to put in your backpack or camera bag. Micro USB cable makes it convenient that connecting the battery charger with power bank, car charger or wall charger with an adapter. Replacement Battery for: Sony NP-F330, NP-F530, NP-F550, NP-F570 Battery Compatible Camera:  -Sony NP-F330, NP-F530, NP-F550, NP-F570 -Sony CCD-RV100, RV200 -Sony CCD-SC5, SC5/E, SC55E, SC55, SC6, SC65, SC7, SC7/E, SC8/E, SC9 -Sony CCD-TR1, TR11, TR1100E, TR12, TR18, TR18E, TR1E, TR2, TR200, TR205, TR215, TR2200E, TR2300, TR2300E, TR280PK, TR290PK, TR3, TR300, TR3000, TR3000E, TR3100E, TR311E, TR315, TR315E, TR317, TR3200E, TR3300, TR3300E, TR411E, TR412E, TR413, TR414, TR415E, TR416, TR417, TR417E, TR425E, TR427, TR427E, TR500, TR511E, TR512E, TR515E, TR516, TR516E, TR517, TR555, TR57, TR610, TR617, TR617E, TR618, TR618E, TR640E, TR67, TR710, TR713E, TR716, TR717, TR717E, TR718, TR718E, TR728, TR728E, TR730E, TR76, TR760E, TR810E, TR818, TR840E, TR845E, TRV66, TRV67, TR87, TR910, TR913E, TR917, TR918, TR918E, TR930, TR940 -Sony DCM-M1, DCR-SC100, DCR-TR7, DSC-CD250, DSC-CD400, DSC-D700, DSC- D770 -D-V500, EVO-250, GV-A100, GV-A500, HDR-AX2000, HDR-FX7, HDR-FX1000, HVR-M10P, HVR-M10U, HVR-V1J, HVR-V1U, HVR- Z7U, HXR-NX5U -NEEWER CN-126 CN-160 CN-216 CN-304 -YONGNUO YN 300 -Chromo Inc CI-160,CI-216 -Polaroid Elite Series LED Video Ligth -Opteka VL600 LED Video Light Package Includes:  2 x Replacement Battery for Sony NP-F550 1 x DC Dual Battery Charger  1 x Micro-USB Cable  1 x Storage Case



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