Ambient Weather EZ-48 Weather Station Tripod and Mast Assembly

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Size:1.25′ diameter Perfect for mounting weather stations. This universal mounting tripod fits all weather stations and is preferred over the Davis Instruments 7716 due to better materials and design.The EZ-48-3AB-125-35 Tripod assembly is constructed of 18 gauge 1008-10 steel tubing, galvanized using the Flo-Coat (zinc-chromate-polymer) process for excellent corrosion protection.Ungalvanized leg braces, mast collars, & connecting components are gold irridited for corrosion protection.Mast collars feature a captive ‘stop-nut’ design, to eliminate lock nut spin when tightened; and a mast supporting cup for additional stability. The tripod base is 33′ (85.8 cm).Tripod height 33 inches (85.8 cm). Supplied with one mast for an assembly height of 53′ inches (150.8 cm), and an adjustment range of 41 to 58 inches (106.6 to 150.8 cm).Add up to two mast extensions (see below, EZ-125-35M) to extend the height of 31′ per mast extension.Add the optional stake kit (see below, EZ-245-SK) for moderate wind ground installation.Add the optional tar pads (see below, EZ-46-3) for roof-top installations.Add the optional guy wire kit (see below, EZ-GWA) for configurations with two extension poles, or for locations that experience sustained periods of high wind.



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